SHoness Physiotherapy is fabulous! I have been a client of Stephanie and James for several years. They give you focused, personalized service and follow up with a specific exercise plan made for you. Stephanie and James are both very well versed and educated in their field. James uses dry needling which I find very effective for my issues. They are located within a wellness centre which also offers some of the best massage therapy in Lethbridge. Highly recommend!

Stephanie and James have been excellent to work worth. I have spent time with both therapists and they have been exceptional help to me and my wife. We both have worked physical jobs and have the aches and pains to go with it. They have worked with us as much as we needed to get the results we were looking for. Other clinics I have been to rush you in and out while dealing with as many other patients as they could fit in, this not the case with Stephanie and James. They provide one on one care and made sure we felt like we were important. I definitely recommend them.

She is innovative and effective in her work, I left feeling heard and respected. Her treatment and exercise plan was easy to follow, effective and simple to adjust based on mobility or pain levels. We started from the very basics and it was very encouraging to be able to quickly gain results.

She is also fantastic with kids, Stephanie treated my daughter as well and we have had nothing but great experiences with her.